Tuesday, November 4, 2008

False Eyelashes - Ardell False Eyelashes & Accessories, Ardell InvisiBands & LashLites Eyelashes

Ardell Lashes Demi Wipsies Pictures, Images and Photos
these are the best lashes ever!the thing i like most about them is that the band is clear.for some reason would when i first started applying lashes i would get so frustrated because i was able to see the band.i thought that it looked so noticeable!even though people couldn't see it i could.so i tried the invisaband lashes and i fell in love !for some reason it looked so much more natural,and guess what?no band noticeable!if u find these lashes to be to much or you just want a cheap pair to start off with,most beauty supply stores carry lashes (no name)they are usually about $1.50-$1.99(if you are in georgia chapel beauty on wesley chapel candler road,c&c on memorial dr/candler rd)they come in a clear/light blue case and on the front it says wispies.

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